[thelist] Filling up timesheets - good or bad?

Shawn Christenson shawnc at mediashaker.com
Thu Jan 11 15:17:37 CST 2001

Try here, this was just recently released as beta.  But i'm already blown
away by it.


It's called XXLog, and what it does is log your time spent on whatever
project you specify it to log.  Pause, stop and all that.  It then exports
the entire log file to a txt document, specifying every second spent.  You
can also put in the Per Hour cost, and it'll generate the total cost as

Great program, which i highly recomend!


> At 09:20 11.01.01 -0800, Michael Collins wrote:
> >I am also self-employed but can never get myself to write down how every
> >15 minute block of time was spent. I always find myself estimating at the
> >end of the day roughly how much I have spent on a project. I know how
> >I have been at it and which projects I have worked on (which is usually
> >only one or two at a given time) and from there can assign hours toward
> >each project.

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