[thelist] Filling up timesheets - good or bad?

Hendrik Mans hm at netzbiest.de
Thu Jan 11 15:24:31 CST 2001


maybe my post was a bit too hasty. I am aware that timesheets do have a
(rightful) purpose in a lot of situations, but I also know that they can be
a nice source of abuse. There are timesheets and timesheets -- sometimes,
you are "only" required to break your day down into hours, and sometimes
they want you to keep an up-to-the-minute activity log. Sometimes you know
your superiors don't have a problem with you taking a coffee break,
sometimes you don't, and get paranoid. Maybe the latter happened to be, but
in the company I worked for (which was *not* a web/design/etc agency, but an
online magazine about computer games), it was simply *obvious* that our
superiors figured having everyone fill in a timesheet would be a good
measure to "motivate" them (it was a start-up, by the way, with almost
everyone being even younger than me. Doh!) The result was that most of us
were scared to go to the kitchen or otherwise look like they're not working
on warp 10 ALL THE TIME.

How many tips do I owe everyone? :)

Take care,

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