[thelist] web designers unique? (was: Filling up timesheets - good or bad?)

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri Jan 12 02:00:33 CST 2001

>has anyone else seen these quotes?  like the ninja one?  i used to
>collect 'em, but that was two machine rebuilds (4.5 years) ago...


I've heard the one about Unix sysadmins and Kung Fu if that helps 
your argument.

I think this 'priesthood of webmastery' (ewww) comes of using 
(occasionally obscure) computers, operating systems and languages to 
do (potentially) useful stuff, the allure of money, and the allure of 
complexity. The fact that our parents look at us as if we're aliens 
helps too.

Getting further and further off topic: it's interesting that 'real' 
artists, you know, the people that make paintings, and do conceptual 
stuff, tend to underplay the esoteric aspect of what they do. I know 
that's a contentious, anecdotal statement, but when you have to deal 
with 'designer-and-i-AM-an-artist ego' all day you notice the 
difference when you're drinking beer with minimalists.

Andrew Forsberg

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