[thelist] Re: harddrive letters

Cedric Wooding cedric at torchbox.com
Fri Jan 12 02:48:32 CST 2001

Thanks to everyone for all their help in this problem.
The most obvious way would appear to be to swap the cables, yet this is will
not work. If you read my first posting you would have read that on the
primary "physical" hard disk, there are two partitions C: and D:. Then I
added a new "physical" hard disk (I want it to be E:). But the computer has
made D: -> E: and the new drive is D:. If I swap the drives round, surely
the new drive becomes C: and the other two (on the same physical drive
become D: and E:) This would cause even more problems, seeing as all system
files are currently on C:
(sorry to all those who read the original posting, but I don't want people
going away from this thinking they sent me right answer - when they didn't!)

I will try to work out FDISK. If I have no luck, then I will be
investigating Partition Magic.
Special thanks to all those who understood the problem fully and realise it
isn't as simple as it sounds.

Cedric Wooding

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