[thelist] Discussion Board with Email Notification?

Tony Page zamba at zamba.com
Fri Jan 12 04:50:33 CST 2001

Hi Bob,
I've recently switched various BBS I administer to Anyboard by Netbula
(www.netbula.com). These guys are into RPC and have also come up with a very
sophisticated piece of stuff that is totally configurable and very
versatile. Amongst a zillion other things it includes a chat room, password
confirmation and mailback and email notification. You can see a version
working at http://www.buddhasvillage.com/anyboard/index.html. It's
possibilities go way beyond a BBS, largely due to it's flexibility and the
way they're converting its output to XHTML etc. Not too expensive, either.
Worth a look, I did quite a lot of research before deciding.


Tony Page

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