[thelist] Filling up timesheets - good or bad?

Michael Collins mcollins at kuwago.com
Fri Jan 12 12:49:31 CST 2001

At 11:52 AM -0500 1/12/01, aardvark wrote:
>normally, an eight hour day (in the US) is a nine hour day (8-5)...
>you get a half hour for lunch, and two fifteen minute breaks...
>i think the laws on the books are you are required to take a 15
>minute break for every 4 hours worked, and an additional half-hour
>break if you work 8 hours...
>none of that counts toward your hours on the day, depending on
>your boss...

The law is that the employer MUST allow you a 15 minutes PAID for 
every four hours that you work. If you elect to not take those breaks 
it is up to you and the employer to decide if you can simply take off 
a half hour early. I would say that most of the time you could not 
get away with leaving a half hour early but I have had hourly jobs in 
the past that allowed me to do that.

The half hour or hour lunch is more often than not unpaid, unless you 
are working a union job. So most people do a 8-1/2 hour day (with 1/2 
hour lunch) or 9 hour day (with 1 hour lunch) for 8 hours work. 
Though I agree that hourly workers get this enforced much more 
strictly. In general, government salaried employees work less than 
the required 8 hours, those in business more, and those in high tech 
usually cannot consider anything less than 9 plus the time they took 
for lunch.

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