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Brown, Robert Robert.Brown at lot21.com
Fri Jan 12 15:50:31 CST 2001

I didn't want that published to the evolt list, that's why I sent it to you

Anyways what can I say is, the menu's where based off of hiermenus a popular
DHTML script that the author made public, from what I understand he was
offered a great deal of money, not to make it public, but did so for the
community. (I might have this wrong, if anybody wants to correct me)

I cant remember where the developers found the script. If you go to
through my recommendation, a small arrow icon was added to indicate 'more'
that helped. another thing is if the title of the menu is a hyperlink to a
page, repeat the same hyperlink in the menu under a label 'main page',
because the users focus is now on the menu.(that is not the case on this
site however)

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> the URL http://www.palm.com/home.html
> That's right Palm. as you can see my Grins for Grief ratio came out to be
> grief. The behaviors of the menu's are wiggy, and there is no indicator of
> that expresses the LFTHTB has hierarchical menu's.
> They are going through a revision.


I have relayed the URL to the girls from usability ;-) since they are trying
to figure out the
ultimate drop down. Which i can only cheer too altough it is a somewhat
ehhhm... gargantuan (?)

> Let me say it is very important to create every little aspect of the
> pre click, post click on mouse over, on mouse out, on mouse up, what
> if I click and hold for two seconds, how long does it take before a menu
> disappears, etc.

I have my own nightmare dropdown stories which i will not bore you with.
I'll just say it needed to
work cross-browser (4+), it needed to be fast (no use of pictures), it
needed to use IE's
transparent layer functionality (seeing the content through the menu) and
most importantly it needed
the background colors to change on mouse over. I got it to work though,
altough not by W3C standards

> I could go off on this for quite a while, if you need any help, questions
> etc, feel free. DHTML is very important to how users interact with the
> especially in an application environment, page requests need to be
> if not eliminated. If users are going to use the web as an application
> environment. Waiting 10 to 15 seconds for pages to redraw or the interface
> to react is not acceptable. I want to encourage the use of DHTML as much
> possible in the industry.

I agree with you views on dhtml and have a 'policy' of pushing it here too.

> anyways...
> take care
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> > On a site that me and my team developed, the client wanted DHTML
> > hierarchical menu's, I was against it at first. (the whole grins for
> > ratio, in implementation)
> >
> Hi Robert,
> I was wondering if you could share the URL of this site with me since your
> comments spurred quite a
> discussion in my office ;-)
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