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Seb Barre sebastien at oven.com
Fri Jan 12 16:10:31 CST 2001

At 12:24 PM 1/12/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>I thought I was on top of understanding this internet thingy, but now I'm 
>trying to find out what program is creating .ghtml pages. (both 
>www.dole.com and www.visa.com have these.) I'm not the best search artisan 
>- but I can't find anything that tells me more that it exists on many sites.
>Also - (I tried search the list archives and came up blank), does anyone 
>have the site name that tells you what server is someone running?

Like someone just pointed out, the extension on web docs can be anything 
you want, based on what you set up in your webserver config, but a quick 
check through NetCraft (http://www.netcraft.com/whats) shows:

The site www.visa.com runs Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 SP3 on Solaris


The site www.dole.com runs Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 SP2 on Solaris

So based on this (limited) information, one might conclude it's something 
specific to Netscape (iPlanet) Enterprise, or it's some custom package that 
both these sites have installed on Netscape Enterprise.

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