[thelist] Problem getting a stylesheet

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Jan 12 16:47:31 CST 2001

Totally a shot in the dark here, but you could set up file level control 
on who can get what kind of files.

What MS may be doing is only allowing that page to be shown if the 
referer is foo.microsoft.com, or if the refering IP address is from the 
MS address space.

The only way to test this would be to forge the referer cgi variable in 
an HTTP header and try to grab the file..

This could be totally wrong though :)


Madhu Menon wrote:

> Guys,
> Take a look at: http://mcspreferral.microsoft.com/
> The source contains this line of code:
> <link rel=stylesheet type="text/css"
> href="http://www.microsoft.com/biz/common/global.css">
> Normally when I paste a URL of a CSS file into the browser, my Visual
> Interdev opens it up. But in Microsoft's case, when I pasted
> "http://www.microsoft.com/biz/common/global.css" into the address bar, I got
> Microsoft's 404 page. 
> Why is this happening? Any idea how I can get the stylesheet?

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