[thelist] Setting up a mail server (qmail) - or do I even have to?

Jay Fitzgerald jayfitz at bayou.com
Fri Jan 12 16:53:35 CST 2001

as far as setting up a mail server - i'm not sure...but for the php mail script,
i do know that the server where the script will reside must be running some sort
of sendmail type program....below is the script i just completed for the purpose
of a feedback form:


 if (($from == "") || ($Comments ==  "")) {
  header( "Location: http://www.foo.com/error.html");

 $msg = "Full Name:\t$from\n";
 $msg .= "E-Mail Address:\t$email\n";
 $msg .= "Comments:\t$Comments\n\n";

 $mailheaders = "From: Feedback Form\n";
 $mailheaders .= "Reply-To: $from\n\n";

 $mail("jayfitz at bayou.com", "Feedback", $msg, $mailheaders);

 echo "<FONT FACE=Arial, Helvetica SIZE=+2>Thank You, $from</FONT><BR>";
 echo "<FONT FACE=Arial, Helvetica SIZE=+1>Stay tuned for more of my PHP




Jason Lustig wrote:

> OK... I use PHP (and NO, this is _not_ a PHP-specific question), and the way
> you send mail in PHP through the script is using the mail() function. I'm
> trying to get it to work for me, but whenever I try to send mail (the key
> word is "try"), I get an error like this:
> "Cannot connect to thisemail at thisdomain.com"
> I asked the people at phpbuilder.com's forums, and they told me to set up a
> mail server, and pointed me to qmail. My own university uses qmail for its
> very large email system, so I am guessing it is pretty good. Anyway, I'm
> building & testing my application (a message board system) on a
> win98-Apache-PHP 4.03 system - and I have no idea how to set this up, or if
> I even have to. I don't have the energy or bandwith to download Unix or
> Linux, so I'm pretty much stuck with microsoft's buggy products for the time
> being. Do I have to set up a mail server?
> If yes, how would I go about doing that? I'm having problems with my
> downloaded version of qmail, and I don't want to mess anything up. The
> documentation that I was looking at on the internet wasn't too helpful for
> windows... if you could point me somewhere where there's an article or
> documentation, that would be nice. :)
> If not, perhaps you could explain what might be going wrong. My line of code
> is:
> mail("$email","subject","message");
> where, obviously, $email is the person's email to send it to. Do I have to
> do something before the mail() function that I'm not doing? It's not making
> any sense to me. And PHP isn't giving me parse errors.
> The idea that I need a mail server makes sense, but I don't know how to set
> it up. Any help here would be greatly accepted. Thanks in advance for
> anything, anything at all.
> --Jason
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