[thelist] Idea for an attribute to the <a> tag

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Fri Jan 12 17:21:31 CST 2001

It would definitely simplify things.  A lot of users, however, feel almost
insulted if you do not tell them where a link goes, especially if the link
is pointing to another site.  Personally, I may mask the link by changing
the status, but only for links within the same site.  I'd almost think that
adding a status attribute would do more harm than good in the long run,
though just as an idea, it's not too bad.

Providing more information was the original intent of the title attribute.
It works fairly well since it also supports multiple lines, etc.  The intent
of the status bar was to let the user know where the link goes so they can
choose not to click the link.  I'd probably be even happier if they not
allow JS to overwrite the status bar... that way when I'm visiting my
favorite sites I'm not subjected to garbage links in peoples postings, press
releases, etc.


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> I know that this doesn't get to the W3C (I think), but I just got a cool
> idea, and I was wondering what your opinions are of it. In the next
> of xhtml, do you think it owuld be nice to have an attribute for the <a>
> tag, STATUS, which would change what the status bar said when it was
> over? It makes a site look better sometimes, and it's a heck of a lot
> than typing all the javascript out. It would degrade easily, too, since
> older browsers would look over it like a fake tag. I think it's a cool
> what do you think of it?
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