[thelist] CF date comparison problem

Chris Silwedel chris at thegrandsilentsystem.com
Fri Jan 12 20:13:31 CST 2001

hi all

i'm doing a simple date comparison to get the next concert scheduled for a
band i'm doing a site for. here's a snippit of the code, very basic:

show.showdate >= now()

this works fine to retrieve the relevant concert details until the day of
the concert, the listed concert is taken off because it appears CF isn't
recognising that the now() date is equal to showdate.  i did a test page and
this is an example of what the two values actually are equal to:

Now: {ts '2001-01-12 19:38:40'}
Show date: 2001-01-13 00:00:00

do i actually have two problems here as i really don't need time recorded
for showdate - does this need to be fixed in the database itself?  and what
about the now() date format, should i even be using now() at all?

any help would be GREATLY appreciated - can't have the kids missing a good
concert can we ;)




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