[thelist] PHP/PostgreSQL

Jay Fitzgerald jayfitz at bayou.com
Sat Jan 13 10:47:31 CST 2001

I have an idea for a project I want to try; here's the scenario:

I have approximately 6,400 mp3 files...what I am thinking of doing is
making an SQL database which contains all the the song titles along with
artist and possibly genre to which they belong...then have a PHP file
that would allow you to view all songs by title, artist or genre;; but
would also allow you to search for a specific song...when the results
are displayed, the visitor to the page could click on the song they want
and it would play right from the web or execute their default mp3

I know it will be extremely tedious and nerveracking - but IS it
possible? if not - fine; but if it is possible, does anyone have ideas
for where I should begin and how I can execute an external program via
this type of interface.

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