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Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Sat Jan 13 12:57:31 CST 2001

At 09:14 AM 1/13/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>I have an idea for a project I want to try; here's the scenario:
>I have approximately 6,400 mp3 files...what I am thinking of doing is
>making an SQL database which contains all the the song titles along with
>artist and possibly genre to which they belong...then have a PHP file
>that would allow you to view all songs by title, artist or genre;; but
>would also allow you to search for a specific song...when the results
>are displayed, the visitor to the page could click on the song they want
>and it would play right from the web or execute their default mp3

This is what databases and web scripting are designed for!! ;-)

What you need to find are the MP3 cataloging software that scans your MP3 
files for the header info and allows you do save the collected info into a 
flat file for uploading to your database. That would save you a ton of time.

Good Luck.

Anthony Baratta
Keyboard Jockeys

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