[thelist] web designers unique? (was: Filling up timesheets - good or bad?)

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sat Jan 13 13:19:31 CST 2001

>  > As a teacher, I ALWAYS asked my students for feedback on how my
>  > methods and processes worked for them.  I made sure they could
>  > respond in such a way that they felt safe about it, that it would not
>  > affect their grade, etc.
>hah... i don't think i would have been one of your favorite students...

That's where you're wrong.

Now, you might not be my favorite manager.
(though I don't know that for sure...)

but I would respect you as a student
just as I respect you as a colleague.

Only insecure individuals require their co-workers, students, 
minions, whatever... to be 'yes men.' (or women.)

Real progress comes when there is freedom to think critically and to 
make well-reasoned & supported arguments in favor or against your 


erika at seastorm.com

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