[thelist] PHP and anchors

Hendrik Mans hm at netzbiest.de
Sat Jan 13 13:48:31 CST 2001


> >you gotta make it:
> >options.php?user=Mr.%20P&page=1#anchor
> >
> >This won't work:
> >options.php#anchor?user=Mr.%20P&page=1
> Actually, the fsecond one, which you say won't work, makes more sense than
> the other. You have the URL of the page without the querystring
> and with the
> anchor, and then attach the querystring. I'm not sure what you
> have with the
> first one; I tried it, and it didn't work before.

Actually, "/page.php?parameter&parameter&parameter#anchor" is the correct
way, since the script/page/file name itself and what you call the query
string form the URI (which is the part of the URL after the protocol and
host name), while the anchor is just a client-side "tool" that will make the
browser jump to that anchor tag. I don't think in a normal situation the
server should even receive the anchor tag inside the GET request, so chances
are this is exactly the source of your troubles.

What browser/client are you using?

Take care,

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