[thelist] Including a txt file

A. Erickson ilsa at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 13 19:33:31 CST 2001

Server Side Includes, my friend.

You'll need a server that supports them and then do a little search on
Google for how to do them (very easy) and then you're golden.

If you have to change the footer, you just change one file and bingo-bango,
every page is updated.

- amanda

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> Hi Gang,
> I think this is really easy but I cant find a reference...I have a .html
> page and I want to include a header.txt and footer.txt file so
> that I don't
> have to update individual pages should I make changes.
> But I'm at a loss as to the syntax to do it. I'm assuming it something
> similar to the format to include a file in a perl script but different...
> I know it aint hard and I'm suitably chagrined to ask
> but....anybody...please...
> Shamefacedly
> Adrian Fischer
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