[thelist] Including a txt file

Jason Lustig lustig at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sat Jan 13 19:33:38 CST 2001

Well... you could use SSI or any other scripting language like Perl or PHP.
If you don't have access to that stuff on your server setup, you can always
use a client-side language Javascript - however, this slows your site down
because it runs on the client's computer, not the server, and is dependent
on the speed of the client's computer. Also, if they have javascript turned
off (and many businesses do this because they're paranoid), it won't work. A
server-side language is your best shot, imho.




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>Hi Gang,
>I think this is really easy but I cant find a reference...I have a .html
>page and I want to include a header.txt and footer.txt file so that I don't
>have to update individual pages should I make changes.
>But I'm at a loss as to the syntax to do it. I'm assuming it something
>similar to the format to include a file in a perl script but different...
>I know it aint hard and I'm suitably chagrined to ask
>Adrian Fischer
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