[thelist] Including a txt file

L. Floyd lfloyd at sonic.net
Sat Jan 13 20:15:31 CST 2001

I'm not sure about the performance issues, but the typical way to use
server side includes on the two more-popular servers (IIS and Apache) is
to include the directive:

<!--#include file="header.txt"-->

in your web pages.  (The file name can be whatever you want.)  The trick
is getting the server to recognize the directive, which is something
your web admin folks have to do.  Commonly, the way you get a server to
process SSI is by naming the file with an extension .shtml (Apache) or
.asp (IIS).  Check with your web admin.  BTW, my understanding is that
the #include directive is the ONLY directive that IIS recognizes (there
are a bunch of directives that get all sorts of info).

We use SSI a lot for just what you're talking about:  reused headers,
menus, footers, copyright notices, etc.  Simple to do.

- larry

Adrian Fischer wrote:
> Hmmm...ok.   The whole thing has been written in perl so I'll just continue
> doing that.  I had heard though that pages that are pretty much straight
> html would run faster as a .html rather than running them from within the
> script using print.  Any truth to that?
> I do have access to SSI but is there any speed benefit to using SSI over
> just embedding the page into my perl script and calling it that way?
> Thanks
> Adrian

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