[thelist] Getting Started With Linux

chris at fuseware.com chris at fuseware.com
Sun Jan 14 11:13:31 CST 2001

My experience is that people start out with CF on NT, then migrate to Unix.
Obviously, not everybody migrates to Unix, but the majority of those who do
run on Unix have started on NT. Those people have a learning curve to get up
and running on UNIX.

SO your second point is most accurate - a lot of CF/UNIX people don't know
UNIX worth a dink.

I find I prefer running CF on Solaris rather than NT.

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

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Regarding ColdFusion/UNIX:

Why are there so many more posts in Allaire's forum about UNIX
installations than NT? I've always assumed it's because running CF on
UNIX is a royal pain ... or is it that there are lots of people using
CF/UNIX don't know UNIX worth a dink?

Anybody CF people here that are comfortable with both NT and UNIX
installations care to offer a comparison?
- Erik Mattheis
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