[thelist] web designers unique? (was: Filling up timesheets - good or bad?)

deboute benjamin deboute at fr.clara.net
Sun Jan 14 12:05:31 CST 2001

At 16:09 13/01/2001 -0500, Jon Hall wrote:
>Code is art. No two people will produce the same way to do the same task. I
>know I will rewrite a function just for the hell of it, if it isn't pleasing
>to the eye :-)
>Computer code is the largest collection of writings ever produced by
>humanity, and 99% of humans do not have any idea how code works.


At 16:36 13/01/2001 -0500, HG Quinns wrote:
>I'd say the perception is based on internal recognition of a reality, of a
>"critical mass" of strong, independent, highly-intellegent and -motivated, and
>creative people in the industry, a higher percentage than in most other
>industries.  In addition, maybe many web developers have other unique 
>in high percentages.

spread the meme

At 02:29 12/01/2001 -0500, you wrote:
 >> From: Erika Meyer <meyer at up.edu>
> > Also, trying to fit people (like webdesigners, who have to do so many
> > different kinds of work) into rigid charts, molds, trying to make them 
> work

i do think that some fringes are attracted by the medium as a new 
and only freaks would have done this internet thing 6 years ago.
so here they are.

good explanation ?

deboute benjamin

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