[thelist] Web work in London?

Robert Douglas rob at hit.co.nz
Sun Jan 14 17:31:31 CST 2001

Hey people, I know I'm real late on this thread but I've heard from a few
sources that ASP is in pretty high demand in London and surrounding areas.

So just how well-versed do I need to be? What should I be able to do from
scratch? Simple catalogue browsing? Construct a shopping site? Build a
content management system?

Also I haven't done any ASP for nearly two years and what I did do used
JavaScript as the scripting language but I imagine that's not going to be a
lot of use - does *everyone* use VBScript?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I don't intend to be there for
another year so I've got a bit of time to get some practise in.


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: Average UK wage is 18kUKP or so. London's a bit higher cos it
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: don't have families to support.
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