[thelist] Javascript and layers 2

oskar at hugvit.is oskar at hugvit.is
Mon Feb 12 06:44:43 CST 2001

Thanks :)

Have anyone seen a sidebar with expandable links of 3 levels ?
Know where I can find it ?

Works like this :

1. Homepage
     1.1 News
          1.1.1 News from Europe
     1.2 Download

So if you click on News the third level is expanded under it.  So if I
click Download then the level under News is closed and the third level
under Download is displayed.
This would preferably be plain text.

With thanks in advance,
Oskar Jensson

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>I was just wondering what I am getting there and if you could tell me
>some websites where I can read more about IE and layers and Netscape and


the first four pages of the DHTML category.


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