[thelist] Search & replace text

Katherine Spice k.spice at acu.ac.uk
Mon Feb 12 07:56:59 CST 2001

Hi Chris,

'fraid I know less than nothing about php, but this would be really easy
to do in perl - do you have that option?


CDitty wrote:
> I posted this on the PHP list, but haven't had any answers yet.  Anyone
> here know the answer?
> I am trying to search through a text file on my server to replace the user
> email. I can open the file and read it, but cannot get it to "find" the
> actual string and replace it. Can someone look over my code and see what
> the problem is? I am afraid that ereg is not my strongest point.  Also, at
> what point should I start writing the file out? Wouldn't there be a
> permissions error if I was reading and writing at the same time?
> Thanks
> CDitty

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