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Madhu Menon madhum at trisoft.net
Mon Feb 12 08:10:29 CST 2001

> You are one already (you're on thelist).
> If you want a @members.evolt.org mailbox, talk to Dan.

Ya' mean I can get one too? I thought they were just for admins! Dan?

BTW, thanks to all the folks who helped me out with the regular expressions.
I feel like writing a tip, so...

<tip type="e-commerce user experience" author="Madhu Menon">

If you've read Don Norman's "The design of everyday things", you should know
that one of the key features of designing a good interface is providing
adequate feedback. For example, when you press a button on your phone, it
probably beeps to let you know that the key has been successfully pressed.

With that mind, it depresses me when I see an e-commerce site that has an
"Add to shopping cart" button, which when clicked, simply returns you to the
same product page without clearly informing the user that his/her product
has been added. In usability tests, I've seen several people repeatedly
click the "Add to cart" button, thinking that nothing's happened, and then
end up with 7 copies of a book in their carts.

If you want to see a sexy implementation of a shopping cart, check out
Apart from the spectacular photography, they have a "visual shopping cart"
on the top right. It shows you thumbnails of the products you've selected,
their prices and the total value of the products in your cart. And it
appears on every page of the site.

THIS is what all shopping carts should be like.

BTW, please do read Don Norman's book if you haven't already. It's at:
This book will totally change the way you view the world, and I guarantee
you that you won't be the same person after reading it.
(and at around $12, is relatively cheap for some of you Americans ;)


Standard disclaimer: I don't have anything to do with eziba.com


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