[thelist] re: If you have a members.evolt.org account ..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Feb 12 09:44:14 CST 2001

Heya -

They're for anyone that is an evolt member.. We're trying to define that 
a bit better as rudy was talking about, but for now its pretty wide 
open.. i think there are a lot of reasons people might want to use the 
space we're offering.. developing skills in a new application server, 
trying out wack things in general, database support, etc..

i was supposed to have it done last night but that darn job thing popped 
up :)

have it today, promise


Madhu Menon wrote:

>> You are one already (you're on thelist).
>> If you want a @members.evolt.org mailbox, talk to Dan.
> Ya' mean I can get one too? I thought they were just for admins! Dan?

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