[thelist] netscape js/relative display:none problem

narrator narrator at idiom.com
Mon Feb 12 12:36:00 CST 2001

Hi evolters,
I'm trying to create swapping text + image layers in Netscape using
*relative* positioning due to design constraints, so I'm using the
display:none/inline class to make the divs cinch up. It's working fine in
IE but in Netscape it seems to cough on the display:none class. It's like
the hidden div isn't even there for Netscape. Does anyone know of a way to
make this work with relative positioning in Netscape?

Also, I'm a native Austinite planning on being at SXSW interactive, and
joining in the evolt drinkies. If yr travelling here, drop a line if
you need local info.

<tip type="basic graphics production" author="Kyra">
Before you begin graphic production for a project, work out with the
designers and other techs the method for creating graphic text
headers: everything in Photoshop, or Illustrator-->Photoshop-->Fireworks,
etc. This saves realizing that the three people on the project (or just
you, spacing out) have used different methods for different headers and
all your type looks different across the site.

Kyra Edeker

freelance web production

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