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Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Mon Feb 12 12:43:44 CST 2001


When we go live, we use cvs.
We tag the version to be updated to be sure to get the "live" code handy
if necessary.
For config files, we keep them in a separate directory out the CVS tree
we just copy into the tree.

And we *never* had problems yet (hum ... I shouldn't say never :)

Eduardo Dominguez wrote:
> How do you guys synchronize code (and any type of file)
> between the "live" and  "test" servers ? FTP is good,
> but then you have to know which files have changed
> and doing that involves lots of points-and-clicks, selections
> and repetetive and boring tasks.
> I am not loooking for something that mirrors a directory
> so that we can 'cvs up' all the code there and this
> program just copies what is not upto date.
> I have heard about rsync but never really tried it.
> The servers are linux, running Red Hat.
> Any ideas ?
> Thanks in advance.
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