[thelist] Applets Exploding in Netscape 6

April april at farstrider.org
Mon Feb 12 13:02:44 CST 2001

lol, that was my first thought, too.  I think she's using them so the tags
don't disappear in html enabled browsers, though.  :)

Sharon, try the applets on a blank page just in case, but the applet likely
won't work through some integral bug in netscape 6.  You couldn't fix it
without doing something in netscape 6, if it's about netscape's java
environment.  Before you damn your cause, you might want to try looking on
other computers - sometimes something like this will act funky on just one
computer and no one elses.  Otherwise... I'm stumped.  Sorry.

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> sfmalo wrote:
> > <.applet vspace="10" code="SimpleMessage.class" alt="Scrolling topic
> > width="510" height="40"
> >     style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt">
> >       <.param name="backColor" value="000000">
> >       <.param name="foreColor" value="DC143C">
> >       <.param name="MessageFile" value="SimpleMsg.txt">
>     Hmm...those are certainly applets... but what are all the dots after
> open paren's (I do mostly back-end code, so if this is a dumb html
question, I
> apologize...)? If there isn't a good reason for those periods (something
> supported by IE but not NN?), then certainly those applets will all
register as
> text instead of working applets, because the tags aren't recognized...
have you
> tried taking them out?
>     Just a thought...
> ~pete
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