[thelist] XML 2.0

Peter Van Dijck peter at vardus.com
Mon Feb 12 13:07:59 CST 2001

Thanks for the responses! By the way, that description didn't come from a 
design site, I just made it up.
(By the way, I am writing a easy easy xml introduction for non-techies, 
that's why)
Ok, another question.
Would it be fair to say: the main advantages of XML (from a business point 
of view) are:

- xml is going places
- xml is fantastic for exchanging data
- xml makes data more useful
- xml is futureproof

Have I missed any important ones?

And the next question: examples of DTD's. I've been playing with Xmetal 
(xml editor), which comes with a few DTD's. Is there a list somewhere? Or 
would it make sense for a lot of applications to make your own? Or could 
you just decide on what tags to use and chuck the DTD. In that case, the 
list of tags you can use in your own flavour of XML, is a DTD the only way 
to describe that?

I'll put the tutorial online when it's finished :)

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