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T.Abbey Abbey at abbeyink.com
Mon Feb 12 13:31:29 CST 2001


I'm still trying to get used to XML and I have been writing XHTML. My 
*education* has been spotty since there's /always/ two or three other 
things to learn too.

>Ok, another question.
>Would it be fair to say: the main advantages of XML (from a business point 
>of view) are:
>- xml is going places
>- xml is fantastic for exchanging data
>- xml makes data more useful
>- xml is futureproof
>Have I missed any important ones?

Quite frankly, you are not telling me anything with these bullet points. It 
sounds more like advertising. I may be doing my first B2B web site in XHTML 
since it's the latest and greatest -- but, why would I *sell* my client on XML?

As I understand it, XML is currently being used on some intranets and for 
other internal communications. Why? What are they using it for?

*Going Places* -- where?
*Fantastic* -- now, there's a new concept for a new tool
*More Useful* -- how?
*Futureproof* -- what? You better have a lot to back that up since /no one/ 
can predict the future (and I've even done a tarot web site).

>And the next question: examples of DTD's. I've been playing with Xmetal 
>(xml editor), which comes with a few DTD's. Is there a list somewhere? Or 
>would it make sense for a lot of applications to make your own? Or could 
>you just decide on what tags to use and chuck the DTD. In that case, the 
>list of tags you can use in your own flavour of XML, is a DTD the only way 
>to describe that?

Now, I've gone and lost the URL, but have you looked at the Gutenberg 
project? I believe it was linked off http://www.hwg.org/. Also, I had a 
conversation with someone a week or two ago and he mentioned the schemas 
over at the Microsoft web site. I know nothing about them, but it might be 
worth looking into. I was /going/ to tackle XML, but the thought of writing 
my own DTD's was a little daunting after the initial *cool* reaction wore off.

>I'll put the tutorial online when it's finished :)

Thank You -- I'm sure the tutorial will be very helpful.

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