[thelist] Synchronizing directories...

Marty Landman marty at face2interface.com
Mon Feb 12 13:40:29 CST 2001

At 01:32 PM 2/12/01, Eduardo Dominguez wrote:
>How do you guys synchronize code (and any type of file)
>between the "live" and  "test" servers ? FTP is good,
>but then you have to know which files have changed
>and doing that involves lots of points-and-clicks, selections
>and repetetive and boring tasks.

I'm working on a content management product on my own and have both a 
production and development site set up. My method is pretty homegrown but 
so far it's been working alright too.

What I do is create a new directory for each release or sub release. I then 
grab files which can be anything from a Perl package or program to a gif or 
.htmlt file and alter them as needed for the new release.

When the release is ready to move onto the live site I pull up everything 
in textpad

<tip>easy to do with ctrl-f5 looking for regex' containing '.' then right 
click to open all files</tip>

Then I have to make a few global changes before the move to the live site, 
finally I open an ftp client and copy the files over. It sounds like a lot 
but doesn't take all that long to do. The full thing is currently no more 
than about 200 different files and of course typical new releases don't 
involve more than a small subset of those files to be copied over.



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