[thelist] adding a 'from' field in outlook 2000

Liz Evangelatos liz at dowebs.com
Mon Feb 12 13:41:16 CST 2001

Hi everyone,

I recently reformatted my hard drive (on purpose!) and have been busy
re-installing my programs. About a year ago someone on this list told me how
I could easily add a "from" field in my default email message in Outlook
2000. The thing is, I have several different email addresses and each needs
a specific signature line. I thought once I had done it I would always
remember what steps it took. Wishful thinking! Can anyone tell me how to
create a from field that works the same way as the "to" field does? That is,
you click it and another windows pops open with the contacts list to choose

Thanks in advance to all,

liz at dowebs.com

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