[thelist] Synchronizing directories...

Shinji Kuwayama shinji at kuwayama.com
Mon Feb 12 14:39:14 CST 2001

on 2/12/01 12:32 PM, Eduardo Dominguez at lalo_dominguez at yahoo.com wrote:

> How do you guys synchronize code (and any type of file)
> between the "live" and  "test" servers ? FTP is good,
> but then you have to know which files have changed
> and doing that involves lots of points-and-clicks, selections
> and repetetive and boring tasks.

I'm a big fan of Netload, an FTP sync client:


I've found it can handle very large sites, and reliably. It is however,
Windows software, and not particularly fast.

Shinji Kuwayama
Director, Internet Development

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