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> NOPE. DTDs are only for the validation of your documents... so you don't
use a
> <dan-tag /> when that's not a tag you should be using (usually because
> not being handled by a stylesheet or parser) or if you type an attribute
> vlue='blah' when it should be value='blah'. But there are a lot of other
> goodies in DTDs like datatype validation, etc.
Isn't what XML Schema for (I mean datatype validation )?
I thought DTD were for document validation, but the datatype inside the
#CDATA was no use for that.
Thus they introduced XMLSchema for adding such validation. And XML Schema
'DTDs' are in XML conforming to a certain DTD (this one
http://www.w3.org/1999/05/06-xmlschema-1/structures.dtd I guess)

Feel free to correct me, as it is still quite new to me :)


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