[thelist] homesite 4.5 -- strip all tags?

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Feb 12 17:15:45 CST 2001

I've got Homesite 4.5 and there used to be a fun little feature that would
strip out all tags. I can't seem to find it in 4.5 and none of my keyword
searches is bringing it up in the help file.

Anyone familiar with this? Does 4.5 have that? If so, where in the heckfire
is it?!

I found this while I was hunting and pecking for that damn strip tool and
maybe it's been there all along but I rarely make image maps so... who knew?
Who knew that Homesite has this very cool little image map making tool. Go
to Tools > New Image Map or choose the bright yellow icon with the mountain.
It looks on the page you have open for an image, select the one you want and
then it has very neat and easy-to-use "drawing" tools to make your
selections. It then outputs the map into your doc and adds the "usemap"
attribut to the selected image. How handy!


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