[thelist] homesite 4.5 -- strip all tags?

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Feb 12 17:24:00 CST 2001

The answer!!

Matt Newell directed me to the right answer:
To strip all tags in Homesite, select all, right click somewhere in the
document and go into the "selection" menu that pops up. You'll find "strip
all tags" in there as well as some handy stuff like "convert lines to
unordered list."

> I've got Homesite 4.5 and there used to be a fun little feature that would
> strip out all tags. I can't seem to find it in 4.5 and none of my keyword
> searches is bringing it up in the help file.
> Anyone familiar with this? Does 4.5 have that? If so, where in
> the heckfire
> is it?!

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