[thelist] SQL7 - Schedualed DTS Package Not Running

Erik Goodlad erik at stirlingbridge.com
Mon Feb 12 17:48:30 CST 2001

>>What service pack?

I don't believe it has any service packs installed.  I just setup the same
thing on a local server, with SP3 installed, and I get the same results.

>>How is the package saved?

Saved as a Local Package on the server.

>>Who's the owner of the package and does it have the right permissions?

Well, I created it when logged in as "SA" with owner permissions.

But when I look at the DTS packages, it says the owner is "SBG\egoodlad"
which is my domain log-in (and _not_ listed in the "Logins" under

The package executes fine.

When I view the properties of the Job.  It says the owner is "SA".

The Job is what fails.


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