[thelist] chat problem

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Mon Feb 12 19:38:15 CST 2001

Ron Klegman wrote:
> is there a way to create a chat program (non-java) for people who
> either do not have java capable browsers or have apple computers?

[Please 'scuse the copy/paste below, but it's still accurate. Yes, you
could also do this with the Macromedia Flash Player but you'd have to
handroll it, and then set up some type of back-end system to handle it. The
Shockwave Multiuser Server is much simpler and faster.]

Here's a fast, simple, easy, and free implementation:


--  Up to 16 simultaneous users are supported for free on the Macromedia
servers, out-of-the-box... you can be up and running in five minutes, no

--  Want more simultaneous users? Go up a level, download the free
Shockwave Multiuser Server (server-dependent).

--  Want to customize this applet? Choose the download with source files,
and use either the paid or trial version of Director to change the graphics
or layout.

--  Want to create a different multiuser applet? Use the included
drag'n'drop multiuser behaviors, no scripting necessary.

--  All your audience needs is the Macromedia Shockwave Player... no Java
needed, works on Mac and Win. (The majority of consumers already have the
Shockwave Player, and the majority of these already have the current
player, with another million new audience members added every 3-4 days.)

--  Gallery of more-than-text chats:


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