[thelist] members.evolt.org accounts

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Feb 13 00:34:30 CST 2001

They're hot! They're fresh! They're here!

http://members.evolt.org - So easy to use, no wonder its #1!  .err..

What you get: the chance to learn something new that otherwise you might 
not have had the opportunity to. Cold Fusion, PHP, and MySQL are up and 
running right now.

Sexy vanity email address: yourname at members.evolt.org - pop3 it or have 
it fwd'd to another account. be as cool as jeff at members.evolt.org and 
isaac at members.evolt.org today! ;)

Seriously though, hopefully some of you take advantage of this to either 
get some experience with a development language you've never had the 
time/money/resources to get before.. Or maybe you just want some free 
space to put your weblog, diary, online resume, or portfolio for 
prospective clients..

Personally, I'm gonna use this to start learning PHP, maybe you'll do 
the same

If anyone has other ideas or services they'd like to see, feel free to 
bring them up either here on thelist or with me personally!

Thanks and have fun !

for now, i'm beat.. ;)


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