[thelist] IIS SSI question.

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Tue Feb 13 05:23:00 CST 2001

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> > The scripts just some standard poll script Ive been using (I 
> really should
> > get round to writing my own!).
> > Its calling the script wil an exec cgi.
> I would wager it's executing the CGI as a CGI script normally 
> would, and is
> outputting HTTP headers expected by a web browser.  

Spot on.

<tip type="Activestate Perl" author="John Handelaar">
Perl on Win32 allows you to have a script called by
either perl.exe or the ISAPI plugin PerlIS.dll.
One of them prepends HTTP headers in front of
_everything_, the other doesn't.  You can differentiate
between the two types of output by assigning different
file type extensions to each method.

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