[thelist] Unexpected character in input: '\'

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 13 07:17:46 CST 2001


: From: Warden, Matt
: I've had the same experience, Chris, but
: I'm afraid I haven't figured out a good
: explanation. It seems to occur when you
: just try to have a string with only an
: escaped char. You said ythis was PHP, but
: I get the same kind of error in JavaScript,
: etc. so I it's supposed to happen.

fwiw, a string can be made up of anything from nothing to any combination of
letters, digits, and punctuation (provided the escape character is used
where necessary to prevent errors).  if you want to have a string that's
made up of just an escape sequence, then that will suffice.  in all my
script writing i've never encountered a problem surrounding this.  i'm
guessing that the error you were receiving had to do with something else.

for the record, this is a completely valid string and will not throw errors.

var foo = '\n';



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