[thelist] more javascript problems - help!!!

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 13 07:20:16 CST 2001

fintan and jon,

: From: Jonathan Chard
: In the long term, however, I recommend you
: use a function to submit the form.  Change
: the submit button to just a normal button,
: and have it call this function.  In the
: function, select all the elements in the
: Students list box, before calling
: choiceForm.submit()

instead of using the submit() method, may i please suggest that you use the
onSubmit event handler of the form tag to execute this desired functionality
and return true if it's successful.  the reason is that the use of the
submit() method can render forms completely impotent to non-js users and is
in nearly every case i've encountered completely unnecessary.



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