[thelist] bizarre behavior in IE5/Win

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 13 08:06:31 CST 2001


: From: Garth Hagerman
: One site viewer emailed back, saying he'd
: upgraded from IE5 to IE5.5, and the trouble
: disappeared...or the content appeared,
: depending on how you look at it.
: The site works fine in all of the browsers
: I have on my Mac: NN4, NN6, IE4, IE5, Icab,
: it even is tolerable on the WebTV emulator.
: It works fine on Windows in NN4 and IE5.5,
: but in IE5 the banners display and a few of
: the buttons display, a few more display when
: you mouse over them, but the actual content
: is just a vast expanse of white.  When one
: scrolls down, then back to the top of the page,
: the stuff that had displayed has disappeared.
: Can anyone figure out what's going on here???
: http://www.diggingdog.com

alittle fiddling with your code and i figured out what the culprit is.  i
don't have an answer of why it is, i've only identified what's causing it.
i found that by removing the class attributes from the two images at top
that everything displayed just fine.  ie5 may be doing something odd with
the position: fixed declaration.  i did a search against microsoft's
knowledge and didn't find anything related to this.

good luck,


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