[thelist] members.evolt.org accounts

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Feb 13 09:45:46 CST 2001

i'm actually writing some shell scripts right now(hence why no one has a 
confirmation email yet :)to take most of the load off me, so i just have 
to plug in some values so its not that big a deal

but i'm super paraniod about security too.. ya, theres set up the user 
on the box itself, then set up a forward(if there is one), passwords, 
mysql datasource.. then checking to make sure someone isn't trying to 
take advantage of anything by signing up more than once or something..



Katherine Spice wrote:

> just curious - why not? it wouldn't have to be real time (lots of nasty
> security holes :-), but there has to be an easier way than you setting
> up each account manually. what's involved (presumably adding a user and
> editing the aliases file - what am i missing)?  

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