Homesite/CF Studio tip (was: Re: [thelist] How do you store your snippets?)

zac zac at
Tue Feb 13 12:20:16 CST 2001

Bruce Heerssen wrote:

> Actually, you *can* put subfolders in the snippets folder in HS/CFStudio, but
> only one level deep. It would be nice if you could add more levels, but at
> least
> there is some organizational capability. I'm not trying to start an
> editor-of-choice war, just clear up a mis-conception. I'm sure BBEdit is a
> fine
> editor, and perhaps superior to HS in this respect.

Just to clarify this, are you referring to having folders in the main level
of the snippets tab or are you referring to having subfolders within those

I wasn't very precise in my initial statement but what I meant was that if I
have a PHP snippets folder I can't, AFAIK, have a mySQL subfolder in that
snippets folder.


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