[thelist] XML 2.0

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Tue Feb 13 14:37:01 CST 2001

> >Ok. Have you revised it now?
> erg.. no...
> I understood that
> "You receive an XML document. The XML document tells you which DTD it uses.
> You can now write a stylesheet for this document, and run the whole lot
> (XML document, DTD and stylesheet) through your XML parser (a program) that
> you had already laying around to automatically produce a nice HTML webpage."
> Was kindof correct? As for the comments: it doesn't say the browser will do
> the parsing. Did I miss something in the email thread?

Yes. See my comments in the archive (http://lists.evolt.org/)

> >NOPE. DTDs are only for the validation of your documents... so you don't
use a
> ><dan-tag /> when that's not a tag you should be using (usually because it's
> >not being handled by a stylesheet or parser) or if you type an attribute as
> >vlue='blah' when it should be value='blah'. But there are a lot of other
> >goodies in DTDs like datatype validation, etc.
> So could you use any tags in an XML doc, and the DTD only validates the
> tags it knows about and lets everything else through?

No, if there's something (tag, attribute, datatype, etc.) that isn't
explicitly allowed by the DTD, it will be an invalid document (for the most


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