[thelist] CONTACT Management Solutions?

Alice Hendricks alice at thirdbridge.com
Tue Feb 13 15:11:16 CST 2001

I am looking for an off the shelf - or easily customizable - enterprise wide
contact (not CONTENT) management system for a client - a worldwide company.
It doesn't need to do the content management stuff that software like
Vignette does --  but needs to be relationship management-oriented (all
those business cards in one place, sorted, so we never contact any one
person who belongs to someone else, and so we target each person with the
right materials) - all to aid in delivering only what the recipient wants as
a service.

Other rough requirements from my client -- they want to allow restricted
views of the data (so not everyone sees every contact) they need to
identifying duplicates and provide for standardizing entries, and provide
individual and company views of data; record who knows whom; provide close
integration with Outlook; allow for customizable data; and interoffice
replication. They have looked at Interface but it seems to have security
restrictions that are not great -- but has a lot of good things too.

Does anyone have any experience in solving a big companies contact
management needs? Or even any leads?


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