[thelist] XML 2.0

Philippe J philippejadin2 at swing.be
Tue Feb 13 16:05:02 CST 2001

> > What I would like to see is an open organization that could create xml
> > standard for every kind of informations used by computers. (maybe it
> > exists?)
> ICK!
> My battlecry: "Remember ICANN"
> The problem here, of course, is that you actually have to find some
> organization that's capable of doing this well.

In fact, there would no need for a special organization. A simple
repository, available to comments from anyone, and propositions added in a
"first to come, first served" basis would be great. Anyone could start to
add a proposition for a new xml dtd. And the best one would be used, and
thus kept. No one would be obliged to follow the rules of course. "If you
don't want to make your soft compatible, that's your problem". This should
be the front sentence of the site ;-)

Of course this will never work thus this post is useless. (am I so naive?)


<tip type="If you have some time to spend">
Try zope ( www.zope.org ). It's wonderfull. Really.
I already tried asp, php, perl, looked at coldfusion,...
None of them is so inovative.
But is this a tip?

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