[thelist] newbie trouble with MySQL dump operation

Zachary Mutrux zac at monarchmedia.com
Tue Feb 13 17:14:46 CST 2001

Hi, All:

I'm having trouble dumping the contents of a preconfigured file into a MySQL
database on my NT box, and I'm hoping someone here can give me a hand.

I created the database no problem, and placed the dump file at
c:\mysql\bin\. Upon executing the command, however, nothing happens:

mysql -u root nuke < nuke.sql

The cursor just skips to the next line, and when I check the database,
nothing has changed.

This very same process worked just fine for me last Friday--the only
difference is that the dump file was much simpler. Only other change is that
the server has been restarted since then.



Zachary Mutrux, Project Manager/Production Specialist
Monarch Media : 831-457-4414 : http://www.monarchmedia.com/

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